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Proudly Serving all of Southern California, i.e Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Buena Park, Yorba Linda, Rancho Cucamonga, Corona, Riverside Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, Lake Forest, RSM., Mission Viejo & Ladera Ranch.

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Driving in California can be nerve wrecking. We make certain that everyone has the necessary skill required to drive safely. Our Instructors are friendly, and very patient and Licensed by DMV for Behind The Wheel Driver Training, our vehicles are insured, bonded and equipped with dual control system, Frontal Collusion avoidance warning system, Lane control warning system, Video and Audio recording for training and safety. Free pickup and drop off is included as part of our service, all students receive private, one On One instruction, even though at time we may have more than one student in the vehicle as per DMV regulations, each student get to complete their scheduled lesson duration. Our staff are very knowledgeable and ready to answer all your questions.We look forward to providing you with excellent care and service.

Our behind wheel Driver training has all the components you will utilize at driving test and also on a daily basis. Our proprietary behind wheel training methods is one of the most successful in the driving school business. During the practical driving lessons, our student drivers will get easy to follow guidance, from our professional driving instructors and that they will be able to apply apply them with ease and confidence.

Got A Speeding Ticket?

Online Traffic School

If you’ve got a speeding ticket in California, we’ve got the quick and easy way to handle it! We are committed to providing the most informative and easy-to-use online traffic school courses. Our DMV Licensed California Online Traffic School course is designed to make it easy and fun to learn the essentials of driving safely. The result is an online educational experience that is informative and easy to complete. Just finish each brief chapter, take the quizzes, and we’ll report your course completion directly to the DMV. It’s that easy! at any time during your course, should you have a question, we are always available to answer 24/7 Our operators are DMV Licensed instructor and very knowledgeable and experienced driver instructor.

Prefer Face-to-face?

Class Room Course

Our Class Room course is user-friendly and utilizes an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process. Students of all ages and levels of experience have completed our course, and you can too! Here’s what you can expect when you attend our 6-hour traffic school classroom course: Teachers with great personalities – 1½ hours of entertaining and pleasant videos – No boring lectures! We’ll keep the boring to an absolute minimum. – Comfortable classrooms with nice chairs and air conditioned environment

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Student Training Record For The State Of California & DMV

Open Every Day Driving School DMV License # 4640
9778 Katella Ave. # 104 Anaheim CA (949) 283-1258


1) Training vehicle is equipped with audio and video recording, which is used for your safety and quality assuance, I give consent for the recording device to be used for the duration of my training or my child’s training.

2) Instructor has a 1 hour pick up window due to unforeseen traffic conditions. Example: if you schedule a lesson for 3:00pm, the instructor will arrive any time between 2:30pm and 3:30pm.

3) Student must have a valid permit in their possession when the instructor arrives, permit can not be with parents.

4) All changes/cancellations to any appointment must be made 48 hours in advance by calling (949) 283-1258 during normal business hours (7am to 7pm)

5) $50 will apply to the first missed lesson and each additional lesson there after. This includes not having a valid permit, making any changes to your appointment within 48 hours of your pick up time and not reachable when the instructor arrives within 15 minutes. (Instructor will wait 15 minutes after the call to inform you, he has arrived)

6) All fees and dues must be paid prior to lesson begins. We do not accept partial payment or pay per session.

7) Only instructor and registered student can ride in the driving school vehicles – this is due to liability issues.

8) At times we may have more than 1 student in the car, as per DMV regulations, you may verify this at However each student will complete 6 hours total Actual Behind the Wheel Training.

9) Driving schools are forbidden from driving the DMV TEST ROUTE. (NO RESTRICTIONS FOR PARENTS)

10) Lessons are scheduled on first call first serve basis. Our busiest times of the year for driving lessons are: Spring break, Summer break, Fall break, Christmas break, and other holidays. Appointments must be made well in advance of these peak times or student may have to wait their turn. Please confirm your last session at least 4 weeks prior to your DMV test date to avoid disappointment.