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    Devin R.
      • Devin R.
    • Los Angeles, CA

    Open every day driving school is a business that I would highly recommend to any person. Medhi, the driving instructor is one of the kindest men I have ever met as well as very informational for driving. He is able to provide you very useful driving tips and advice. During every lesson, he always had a very positive attitude, no matter the case. He is always very encouraging and up-lifting. I was able to pass my driving test on my first try, and I thank him very much for that.
    Open every day driving school cannot compare to any other driving school.

    Liza S.

    • Corona, CA

    My 15 year old son got his permit and started behind the wheel lessons with Mehdi. I have to say Mehdi is very accommodating, very professional and always on time. My son learned and a lot from Mehdi and he felt very comfortable. Mehdi is trust worthy and very polite. I highly recommend him and pricing is very reasonable. He is a rated five all the way!


    This driving school is no joke. I sincerely do reccomend it. The price is unbelievable and unbeatable. I had my driving test on January 8th and I called Open Everyday Driving and Traffic School on January 3rd. Yes, I waited way too late to finish my 6 hours; and I would’ve never finished if it wasn’t for Mehdi. The owner, the instructor, the mentor, the greatest. Seriously the greatest, he took me with open arms the next day, and consecutively for 2 more days. This was the same week El Niño hit so the rain was absolutely insane. Mehdi to his regards took me behind the wheel to ensure I’d finish my 6 hours. But with his careness we stopped it short to be safe. Let me add also, I’m based in Lake Forest and my test was in Garden Grove, he took me to Garden Grove all 3 times and showed me the course. Mehdi is absolutely awesome, please take this driving school. Without him I really would’ve never passed. Let alone, I took my driving test and got a perfect score. The test taker noted it was her 2nd perfect score in 5 years. That being said, with great instruction Mehdi instructed me with great lessons.

    Sarah H.

    • Miami, FL

    Mehdi is an excellent instructor.. He’s patient, punctual and a nice person. He cares about his students..
    I’m 27, never driven before.. took a couple of classes with him and just got my license. I strongly recommend him.

    • Rowland Heights, CA

    I’m very happy that I got the best driving instructor to teach me the correct way of driving. I feel confident I will be passing my test this coming up week! Definitely recommend him

    Driving School Reviews Ryan U.

      • Ryan U.
    • Los Angeles, CA

    I am a teacher and parent with a really busy schedule. A co-worker of mine recommended Open Every Day Driving and Traffic School to me . She passed her road test on the first try. I had went to one other school in the bronx two years ago and they couldn’t compare to my lessons with Open Every Day Driving and Traffic School. During my first lesson they walked me step by step with what the driving testers would be looking for. They continuously asked me if i was comfortable and treated me like a real driver. I had lessons with young professional instructors . I believe I took about 7 hrs of lessons although I have had previous lessons. The encouragement was what I really needed. I specifically needed help with wide turns, parking and NERVES. I passed my test and was pleased. Just waiting for my license in the mail. Thank you Open Every Day Driving and Traffic School.

  • Driving School Reviews Manjegowda K.
      • Manjegowda K.
    • La Palma, CA

    I never drove experience, was too nervous initial days but Mehdi has lot of patience. He taught me everything that need to become good driver. He gave very flexible timings as per my availability. Corrected minor mistakes while driving along with giving many important driving tips.
    I got my license, now enjoying my driving. Highly recommend this school, worth spending time and money here if you are new and want to become good driver.
    Thanks to Mehdi.

  • Driving School Reviews Christopher A.
      • Christopher A.
    • Signal Hill, CA

    Absolutely The best, i highly recommend Open Every Day driving School , My wife who has  never driving before and afraid to be behind the wheel now feels confident in driving. Her instructor Mehdi was patient, answered all her questions always   on time and she never felt rushed. Thank you Open Every Day Driving School for your patience which i do not have lol!! and excellent service.

  • Driving School Reviews Albert D.
      • Albert D.
    • Buena Park, CA

    Mehdi was a great instructor! He answers all your questions and learning how to drive feels comfortable, relaxing, and easy. He teaches you everything you need to know to pass your driving test and more. His schedule feels really flexible and it’s always great to drive around with him and know that you are completely prepared for your test. I would recommend him to anybody looking to pass their driving test easy.

  • Driving School Reviews Shashikanth K.
      • Shashikanth K.
    • Irvine, CA

    I got my learners permit on Tuesday on 28th of July and fortunately the road test date was scheduled on August 3rd. Someone cancelled and i got that slot with a short duration (5days)  to practice. Read few reviews in YELP and contacted Mehdi.  Took around 6 hours of practice classes for 3 days continously.  He is really wonderful, comes on time, 100% integrity, I had the trust on him and followed his instructions as it is while practicing. he built my confidence level and provided required support thorugh out the practice with patience. Guess what?? I finally passed!! got my License. I would strongly recommend to chose him as your instructor.. I am sure you will clear in the first attempt!!. Happy driving to all!!

  •  Driving School Reviews Mohan S.
      • Mohan S.
    • Fullerton, CA

    Mehdi is an excellent instructor and his suggestion helped me a lot.

  • Driving School Reviews T.S T.
      • T.S T.

    If you have ticket and you need to complete a traffic school, i recommend you this school, because it is very good.

  • Driving School Reviews Sawsan K.
      • Sawsan K.
    • Anaheim, CA

    If you have ticket and you need to complete a traffic school, i recommend you this school, because it is very good and it has everyday course even only one student and even in weekend or after noon class.
    You will enjoy the class because the instructor is very good.
    it is awesome.

    • Driving School Reviews Natasha C.
      • Signal Hill, CA

      I have never driven before so you can imagine how i felt, nervous and a complete wreck lol. But Open Every Day Driving School put this all to rest. Mehdi my driving instructor was always on time, got pick up from my work or home , he was very patient and flexible with scheduling and  answered all my questions. Thanks to Open Every Day Driving School I now enjoy driving and confident behind the wheel. Absolute best!!!!

    • Driving School Reviews Gracie Z.
      • Anaheim, CA

      My instructor Mr Mehdi is the owner of Open Every Day Driving And Traffic School. What impressed me is his punctual and reliable.  Each time he came to pick me up for the behind-the-wheel-driving and he arrived early. Mehdi knows all the answers to my  questions, he is so experienced and patient! He taught me more than I expected

    •  Driving School Reviews Michele Y.
      • Lakewood, CA

      I highly recommend Open Every Day Traffic School.  Cost, better than expected. Mehdi was there to answer my call, not matter what day or hour.   Providing instructions getting started with the online process.  He was very patient to work with and never in a rush.  To close, he provided the confirmation from the court stating my certificate was received and the ticket was closed. Thank you for making the process simple.

      Alicia S.
        • Alicia S.
      • Anaheim, CA

      My name is Alicia, I am a mother of a newly turned 16 year old from Anaheim Ca, who took the behind the wheel drivers education.  Sean is the owner of 2nd wind driving school and is such a wonderful man and very educated.  The first 2 sessions of my daughters behind the wheel training was with Sean and she felt super comfortable and very confident.  He definitely knows his stuff. You will get the training you need to pass.  He owns the school and has a few instructors.

      The last 4 sessions of driving were with one of the instructors named Medhi.  I must say anyone who ends up with Medhi will do great!!!!!.  Medhi is very sweet and will test your skills to the limit. He makes sure you are prepared.  He is a confident booster.  He also takes his time going over everything you need to know and makes sure you are prepared.  He also recommends that the parent go along for the ride if they would like, and will make sure you have all the tools that you will need to pass. I recommend Medhi 110 % ask for him.  Let him know Alicia & Breana recommended him.  You will pass…. They are very professional…  Medhi is #1… You will love him I promise.

      The sessions are each 1 hr long. You need to do 6 sessions to complete the course and get your certificate.  They are very reasonable….. I would recommend 2nd wind to everyone who is in need of taking the behind the wheel or an education course.

      My daughter passed and received her drivers license on her first time with only 1 mistake.  Contact Sean, they are reasonable, 210 for 6 sessions of 1 hr each, and ask for Medhi as your instructor.  They are both wonderful people who sincerely care about your child getting the tools they need to get their drivers license.

      You won’t be disappointed…

      Driving School Reviews Claudia A.

      • West Covina, CA
      First to Review

      I was in disbelief of this online traffic school… well it prove me so wrong!!! I am so satisfy with Mehdi the instructor that answer the phone, so nice and helpful. he took me step by step on my online and told me if I had any question he will be there to answer my questions. he did thank you so much Mehdi for helping me on my last day to turn my certificate. I will absolutely will let all my friends and family know about this school.

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      Charu Batra

      3 weeks ago
      Excellent experience learning how to drive under Mr Mehdi. He is so respectful, polite and accommodating . I got my licence in my first test . I would definitely rate him five on five. He is the BEST. Thank you Mr Mehdi ..
      Millad Moaddab

      in the last week
      Never had a problem with Mr. Mehdi, has got to be the best driving instructor in Southern California. Learned so much and passed my driving test on the first try.
      Ethan Daigle

      7 months ago
      Mr. Mehdi has to be the best driving instructor in California! He teaches you every single thing you need to know to drive, but he does it in a fun and really enjoyable way! He can teach from any level of experience you’ve had! He is a great instructor and an amazing person! I will recommend Mr. Mehdi to everyone I come across that needs to drive!
      Albert Dang

      8 months ago
      Mehdi was a really awesome teacher! He teaches you everything you need to know to pass your driving test and more. He corrects your driving mistakes and makes sure you know more than you actually need to for the driving test. His schedule feels really flexible and 1 or 2 hours of training feels and goes by quickly. I would recommend Mehdi to anyone looking to learn how to drive.
      Ronak Savsani

      10 months ago
      Driving with Mr. Medhi was an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience as he taught me the fundamentals and the keys to driving. He is very knowledgeable in his skill and knows what he is doing. Highly recommend him. Safe, fun, and enjoyable overall
      mohan krishna

      8 months ago
      Mehdi is an excellent instructor. I had no experience in driving earlier but the guidance and suggestions that he gave really helped me out in getting my license very fast. He is very flexible and available all the time. Totally worth it.
      Orchid Houshmand

      a year ago
      Mr Sabounchi was very professional, knowledgeable, made the class enjoyable. Gave good constructive pointers about traffic incidents and information. He was very entertaining and class was never a dull moment. Very kind too. If I had to take this course again I would definitely take it with him. Rate this 10+

      majdolean m

      10 months ago
      Mr. Mehdi was a very nice and helpful instructor. He answered all my questions and gave me lots of information about driving and safety. I passed my drivers test on my first try. I highly recommend him.
      Parath Chadha

      a year ago
      Medhi was very available and helpful! I was able to log into the class online and complete it very simply. Great website – user friendly!! Would definitely recommend his class to others. So glad I could find and use them!!
      Sawsan Khoury

      a year ago
      Very very good school and Mr. Mahdi was great and professional and he helped me to understand and enjoy the course then i passed the exam on first time.
      If you like to learn driving or you have a ticket and need to complete traffic school i recommend this school.
      The school and the instructor Mahdi are awesome so do not hesitate to register there if you need good school.
      I recommended all my friends who needs traffic school to go to this school.
      yakub dure

      a year ago
      Mr. Mehdi was an awesome instructor help with the questions i had about the traffic school and made it very easy to understand the process of completing my course took me an hour and a half to finish the whole test and passed with a 96% i greatly recommend this guy.
      Michael DiSano

      a year ago
      Fast, friendly and open on the weekend!